Future Shorts Film Festival

The Travelling Film Festival

23rd of August, 2014 @ The Flying Cock


The traveling short film festival

The Future Shorts Film Festival celebrates cinema and short films bringing award winning short films from festivals around the globe such as Cannes, Sundance BAFTAs and many more.

With more than 90 countries participating as audiences and watching from cinemas, concert halls, caves, libraries, village halls, universities, cafes, warehouses and music festivals across the world, this love for short films has been exposed as a brief encounter of the increasingly popular kind.

This will be an event that mixes our urban aestheticism with innovative popular arts, uniting film, food, live music and an artist exhibitions under the one roof.

Hosted by MyCityLife.

MyCityLife is the latest addition to the social scene as an online lifestyle magazine presenting a comprehensive online menu of what's on and what to do in South East Queensland. MyCityLife highlights all facets of urban counterculture and lifestyle, from local experiences in food, drink, at play, shopping, wellbeing and relaxing in an informed and quirky manner.


The Future Shorts Film Festival lands in Brisbane as part of Valley Fiesta celebrations on Saturday August 23. Everything about Future Shorts will be representative of a world that is moving towards instant gratification, innovation and modernism.

Take an adventure around the world minus the dent to your bank account, with Future Shorts Film Festival - the ultimate destination. Having explored 90 other countries in the world, this travelling pop up film festival features award-winning short films from across the globe. Future Shorts Film Festival is an opportunity for good times, good food, good company and great short films. Doors open at 5pm for a 5.20pm departure.

General admission is $20 with a drink included in your entry. With limited seating, it's first in, best dressed. Eat while you watch: for an extra $20, add on a sublime menu of food. For added comfort, purchase a bean bag for $10 and position yourself front and centre. The ultimate comfort package is $50, which gets you entry, 1 drink, 1 bean bag, 3 artists, 10 different food options and 8 short films.

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Future Shorts Film Festival


Universe Returns Deadly Gaff

Universe Returns

Universe Returns are unique avant garde artists adding to the local soundscape. Specialising in Folktronica and Experimental, multi-instrumentalists Dave Hethorn and Liam Buchanan share microphone duties on ukulele and guitar from the stage with a highly original sound that explores Folk Industrial Electronica. As renowned performers in the local gig scene, Universe Returns are also currently writing and recording new material and crafting their unique futuristic sounds, including collaborations with The Producers Club.
Christopher Brooks Buxton Records

Christopher Brooks

Techno wunderkind Christopher Brooks is pioneering the latest wave of local electronic artists breaking the mould. With his background as a Bachelor of Music Technology student from the Queensland Conservatorium, Christopher lays claims to advanced skills in all aspects of sound production and music composition with his live set exploring the realms of cinematic electronica and experimental music. Christopher's talents have already been acknowledged, with his EP 'Sweet Madness' receiving support from some of the world’s top producers, including Hernan Cattaneo and others and is now signed to local digital label, Buxton Records.
Foxy/Moron Exit Label


Signed to Exit Label, Foxy/Moron comes to the film festival as a homegrown electronic synth-beat and sample artist who loves Twin Peaks, Dolly Parton, brutal beats and Burial.
Craig Dalton - Worlds number 1 crane spotter

Craig Dalton

As a Modern Visual Artist, #CRG_DLTN is the World’s Leading Cranespotter. A self-taught artist, Craig is visually stimulated by his everyday surroundings; watching, admiring, and documenting The City skyline. His work is based around photographic images capturing the subject as is, adding digital visual extras to represent the environment and conditions they are defined by.

Get Involved

We are currently seeking students and ambassadors to assist with promotion and administration of the event, as well as event organisation of the event itself.

Experience working in a film festival that has global reach and gain an opportunity to network with local film makers and industry movers.


To assist with event organisation in the lead up to the event, and onsite management on the night itself.


To interact with associated groups and suppliers.


Promotion and distribution of leaflets and fliers, social media promotion.


Budding filmmakers and producers are invited to capture footage of the event and the making of the event.

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Think you have what it takes? Fill out the form below and tell us more about yoursef. We will be in touch shortly with more information.

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